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#3494 – Tuesday 10/22

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Tuesday 10/22/19


ATHLETE GOAL – We want to keep our numbers consistent on the Alt. DB Cleans and T2B today! Challenge yourself on the Heavy Holds today- this is a great opportunity to get your hands on a heavier set of KBs, and a heavier DB for those Alt DB Cleans because there is no specified RX weight.

STIMULUS – We are looking at a longer grinder of a workout today, with 4 sets of 2:00 intervals. There is no designated rest, so keep this in mind today.
The Alt DB Clean is athlete’s choice on the weight, so athletes should be picking a weight that they can get at least 10 reps per round. On the TTB, our fittest athletes should be shooting for 15+ reps each round, with the first round most likely being higher. Farmers and Front Rack Carry should also be as heavy as possible- the goal here should be to hold on for at least 1:00 at the beginning and then break up as needed after that.

Grip on this workout is a big factor- between the Alt DB Clean, TTB, and Farmers/Front Rack Carry, forearms and shoulders are going to be smoked! Athletes should be getting through the Up Downs and Box Jumps around :30, meaning there is :90 in each interval to accumulate as many reps as possible. The best thing we can do for our athletes is to keep them motivated, and give them targets to hit for each piece.

Workout of the Day

Every 2:00 for 24 Minutes (4 rounds)

MIN 1- 2: 15 Up-Downs then…Max Alt. DB Clean
(Athlete Choice, Heavy)

MIN 3- 4: 15 Box Jumps 24/20″,  then…Max Toes 2 Bar

MIN 5- 6: Heavy Hold…Mixing it Up!*

*Rounds 1, 3: Max Distance KB Farmer Carry 70/53#
Rounds 2, 4: Max Distance KB Front Rack Carry 70/53#