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#3495 – Wednesday 10/23

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Wednesday 10/23/19

ATHLETE GOAL – Practice a new and challenging progression in the Skill Work  today for Single Leg Squats and Wall Walks! Today’s longer skill EMOM allows for more focus to be put on developing these skills in a controlled environment.

In the Workout, the challenge will be how long you can hold onto the barbell for every round- can you make this an EMOM and stick to it? And new movement…Back Rack Thruster!

STIMULUS – Today’s skill work is going to get our brains firing on all cylinders! We are working on developing balance in the single leg
squat, as well as balance upside down in the Wall Walks! Goal for the Skill EMOM is :45 of QUALITY movement- this doesn’t mean :45 of continuous movement.|

In our workout, we are playing with another unfamiliar movement: the Back Rack Thruster. Because of our strict press right in the middle of the Deadlift and Thruster today, we are going to welcome the short break on the shoulders in the Back Rack Thruster as compared to a traditional Thruster. Can you get through the entire 7 min AMRAP without putting that bar down each round?

Goal should be unbroken complex, and the weight should be light enough to allow for this for at least 2-3 rounds before having to break. If you are going to break, try to minimize the amount of extra workbreak before the last deadlift, and then try and hold on through the Strict Press and Back Rack Thrusters. Fittest athletes can shoot to keep pacing at EMOM-style.


MIN 1 – :45 Single Leg Squat
MIN 2 – :45 Wall Walk
MIN 3 – :45 Hollow Hold

*Goal for the :45 is QUALITY reps of each movement

Workout of the Day

7 Deadlift 75/55#
3 Strict Press
7 Back-Rack Thruster