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A CrossFit Reminder (From a 5 Year Old)

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Monday 11/28/16

A CrossFit Reminder (From a 5 Year Old)

This is a great story we  can ALL learn from. Learn the basics before you race. 

Meet my son Emmett. He was born right around the same time our gym got started, so it’s been so fun to watch him grow along with our Box.
The other day when I was teaching him to ride his bike, Emmett reminded me of something we all need to remember in CrossFit.   Emmett is SUPER adventurous, and he was having an absolute blast on his bike.  Unfortunately he has a competitive streak a mile wide and he let jealousy completely ruin his experience.

Every time his sister rode by, he would get all amped up and start screaming, “I WANT TO RACE SISSY!!!”…She would then blow past him like he was standing still, leaving him to jump up and down on his pedals in frustration, lose control, and collapse into a cloud of dust, training wheels, and tears.

At this point I would pick him up, and in a firm but loving tone explain to him that he needed to learn how to ride a bike before he worried about racing.

I tell you this story because it made me think of how some people (myself included) behave at CrossFit sometimes.

Our trainers urge us to learn the movements before we worry about racing, but oftentimes we whine about having to learn the basics, and BEG to be able to do the movements as RX’d even though it would put us at risk.

My 5 year old could pedal.  He could turn his handlebars.  He had enough balance to stay upright between his training wheels, but he was nowhere near race ready.

Just like my son, I can move my arms…I can lift weight over my head…I understand the basic concept of a Push-Jerk, but I have come to the conclusion that at some weights…I have no business racing yet.  I need to scale the WOD, go back to basics, and put in more time doing drills.

Read on…   HERE


Establish 1RM Thruster

Spend 15 minutes establishing a 1 RM thruster
This is a powerful and dynamic movement. Stand up creating as much force as you can, using the power from your legs to help move the bar over head. NO redip/jerks under the bar.

Programming Note: After building up to a heavy thruster, the “light weight” 95/65 should feel good and easy (if not scaling is definitely the way to go). The point of this WOD is fast reps with somewhat light weight. If you need to drop the bar, it should only be for a couple seconds and then right in to the next set. Push hard on the run. Unlike a rower, there is nothing with which you can really set a pace… so run hard. The fastest folks should finish sub 13 and the goal is to be done 13-16 minutes.


800m Run
25 Thrusters 95/65
600m Run
20 Thrusters 95/65
400m Run
15 Thrusters 95/65
200m Run
10 Thrusters 95/65