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A Sip Becomes A Drag

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Tuesday 8/16/16

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From the CrossFit Journal

The anti-sugary-drink movement grows as an increasing number of lawmakers propose measures similar to those used to curb smoking.

Soda is going the way of the cigarette.

The number of cities, states and countries considering a legislative measure targeting sugar-sweetened beverages is growing. From taxes to health-warning labels, the efforts mimic the American anti-tobacco movement that began in the 1950s. And while soda and cigarettes aren’t identical, comparing the two is an easy task.

“They’re not equivalent, but they share similarities in that neither of them are necessary, and both of them have been marketed heavily and (disproportionately) to minority populations,” said Michael Long, assistant professor in the Department of Prevention and Community Health at The George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health.

Nearly 20 jurisdictions worldwide levy a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) in some way, shape or form—or have recently passed tax legislation, such as the U.K. Of these places, Mexico might be the most well known. It implemented its so-called soda tax on Jan. 1, 2014, in an effort to curb its soaring rates of overweight, obesity and diabetes, among the highest in the world.

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Back Squats
Use 80-85% of 1 RM or go up by 5-10# over last Monday

Programming Note: 
The goal is to finish all the reps in each minute and have a little bit of time to rest and recover. SCALE the reps and weight accordingly so that you can finish in 1 minute.

EMOM 18 (6 rounds)

Minute 1 – 4 Deadlift 255/175# + 20 DUs
Minute 2- 8 Push Press 95/65#  + 6 Toes to Bar
Minute 3 –  15/12 Calorie Row

use ~ 255/175# for the DL, or ~ 65% of 1 RM
if you can Push Press more than 95/65# and get done with the TTB, add weight