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Beginning the Kitchen Remodel

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I thought I would be able to keep up with these posts during the remodel but obviously I haven’t. My mom is in town, the kitchen project is winding down and I have some time to organize my thoughts, the videos and give you all a clear journey into what it was like to be a nutrition and CF coach, mother of 2 kids under 3, hosting in laws for 3 weeks and no kitchen. Am I crazy? Probably, but here’s the thing, I love my in laws so it never feels like hosting. I love food and having to be creative and knowing I get to pass on the things I’ve learned to help others is what I live for. And, at the end I get a beautiful new kitchen that I was able to design and works for our family! The level of stress and exhaustion we’ve experienced over the last few weeks is comparable to having a newborn. We made it work and can’t wait for this to be done!