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TGIF-mobility rest

Blind Athlete

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Friday 6/10/16

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Might as Well Jump with Bettina Dolinsek


Bettina Dolinsek was born blind, but she never asked to be treated differently. That same attitude carries over into her CrossFit training, and she doesn’t shy away from movements—even box jumps. Finding CrossFit, Dolinsek, says, has been one of the “most amazing things that has ever happened to me.”
“As long as you show up and you’re willing to work hard, anybody can do it.”

Plank Tap Race
4-5 rounds

Equipment: 12 to 20 kettlebells.

Rules: Place the kettlebells in a straight line about shoulder-width apart. Two at a time, athletes race down either side of the line, maintaining a plank position at all times. Athletes must tap each kettlebell with each hand.

Variations: 1. Divide athletes into two teams for an overall race.
2. Athletes race in pairs, with winners facing off in elimination rounds while the rest of the class holds a static plank position until the ultimate champion is crowned.

Bonus Challenge:  Make the line of kettlebells uneven, requiring the athlete to navigate forward and backward as well as laterally.
2. If an athlete falls to the floor, he or she must go back the space of two kettlebells before continuing.

Skill Work
3 Rounds – NFT

2-3 Rope Climbs (or rope climb practice)
8-12 Hand Stand Push ups
6-8 Push Press (touch n go) heavy as able

Fran – Straight Up

45 Thrusters 95/65#
45 Pull ups