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Monday 8/23

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"Stop thinking of yourself as weaker than you are. Banish those “slow” or “old” thoughts from your head. Throw some mother****ing weight on the bar and make the lift happen!" -Lis Darsh---WODWith a partner complete:80 KB swings #60/4070 Thrusters # 65/4560 Sumo DL High Pull #65/4550 Burpees only 1 person…

Friday 8/20

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Who should you train like?Before you start a training program, take a look at the best athletes in that sport. The pictures below are some of the top athletes in their sport.MarathonerBodybuilderCelebrityCrossfitterPics Courtesy: Barbells and Bacon---I am reminded of the story of the 3 bear, only these are too skinny, too scary,…