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Friday 9/17

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USAW Movement Standard - From Oct. 1-3, CrossFitters will compete with Olympic lifters in the first CrossFit-USAW Open. What will be the hardest adjustment for CrossFitters at this judged weightlifting meet? The standardsWhile CrossFitters are comfortable with the Olympic lifts, judged standards are different from those common in most boxes.…

Wednesday 9/15

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"Trying to be number one and trying to do a task well are two different things."- Alfie Kohn---Ladies, remember Deadlifts and Dresses you are interested, let me know!! ---Strength:Max pull ups without dropping off the bar3 rounds post total reps---WOD "Nancy"5 Rounds 400m Run15 OH Squats #95/65.

Monday 9/13

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Do you know what Intensity is? Intensity is the KEY component to any CrossFit workout. Its hard for me to overstate its importance. Even if you think you know what intensity is... can you explain it to someone else?Coach Glassman gives an excellent answer to Intensity:---Strength:Over Head Squats5-5-5-5-5 ---WOD15-13-11-9-7-5-3-1*Deadlift #205/135*Burpees(Use…