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Coach Connor Week 2, #2477

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Tuesday 11/29/16 #2477


Coach Connor Week 2

Connor has taken on another week of programming and its really good for us, as a gym, to get some variety in our WODs  and programing.
Over this week you will see very familiar movements, but arranged a little differently than normal. This week has a nice “simple” feel which is all too often overlooked in CrossFit programming. Keep in mind, simple does not mean easy but rather well thought out and basic couplets or triples, rather than cramming in stuff on top of more stuff with the assumption that more is better (its not).
I hope you like it, but if at first you dont like the change,  give it some time and look for ways it could work for you and to hit on areas of weakness that might currently be overlooked.
-Coach Corey

Post WOD Cash Out

KB Framer carries:
3x200m carry 53/35#

This is not for time – WALK
maintain good posture – shoulders back, core TIGHT.

Programming Note:
Today’s WOD  is a core focused workout with a strong emphasis on grip strength. We are always holding barbells but this will really push and test the grip in a way we are not use to during the WOD… and then, you get some more grip strength to finish out the day with the Cash Out Farmer carry.
A key to getting through the toes to bar will be smooth and efficient swing and not hanging on the bar any longer than absolutely necessary.


50 Ab-mat sit ups
35 toes to bar
50 pull-ups
35 Toes-to bar
50 ab-mat sit-ups 

40 Ab-mat sit ups
25 Toes to bar (v-ups or knees to elbow)
35 pull ups or 50 Ring rows
25 Toes to bar (v-ups or knees to elbow)
40 Ab-mat sit ups