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Hand Stand Pushs for days!!

Essentials ClassL: Tell Your Friends

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Wednesday 10/12/16

Essentials Class Oct 18th

If you know anyone looking to get started with Mercer Island CrossFit, now the chance. Registration is OPEN for the Oct 18th class, 6pm Tues/Thursdays for two weeks.

Essentials is a 4 class series, two classes per week for two week.
You will learn:
– proper form and how to move your body and a barbell safely
– mobility technique
– discuss your goals and how we will help you achieve them
– learn & understand CrossFit gym culture

We will also have discussion topics such as injuries, nutrition, scaling, and modifications for the daily workout.

After the two week Essentials program, you will have access to two weeks of CrossFit membership at the 3x/week membership level included.
Required for all beginners to CrossFit. Check it out on Front Desk


Every 2:00 for 20:00

Clean & Jerk
Set 1, 2, 3- 3 reps @ 78%
Set 4, 5, 6 – 2 reps @83%
Set 7, 8, 9- 2 reps at 87%
Set 10 – 1 rep @90-93%%

35/25 Calorie Bike – For Time

Programming Note:
This is very short, high speed workout. This WOD will be done with another person, so 2 people per D-Ball. Try to choose a someone  that is about your same speed and strength.
One person starts on Burpees the other on D-ball. As soon as your reps are complete, go right in to the next movement. If the other person is still doing D-ball reps, alternate every rep.


3 Rounds
10 D-ball ground to over shoulder 100/70#
12 Burpees

Scaled WOD

3 Rounds
15 Sandbags – ground to shoulder 60/40/20#
12 Burpees