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Evolve Events Oct 22nd

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Wednesday 10/5/16


Maybe you dont need this… but I bet you know someone who does.

Look, you are already eating Paleo and hitting up the box for your WOD 3 days a week. But I know you know someone who needs some help getting started.
Walking through the door to try CrossFit when you feel like you are “too out of shape”, is never going to happen. So here is something you can suggest that is the way anyone can learn how to start the change their lives. Works, nutrition, meal prep and planning and holiday ideas for staying on track.

This event, that MICF will be  attending, will provide your spouse neighbor, friend or co-worker with the opportunity to:

• Engage in a wide range of workouts
• Participate in interactive cooking sessions to learn healthy meal preparation for the holidays, snacking, and daily life
• Engage in discussions such as the latest technology that can help you create accountability to achieve your fitness & nutrition goals, ways to get the whole family moving and having fun

Purchase tickets HERE, use code: MERCER
More Info HERE


5 x 5
increase from 8/29



1200m Row
80 Wallballs 20/14#
80 Double Unders
600m Row
40 Wallballs
40 Double Unders