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Athlete of the Month

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Friday 2/1


Athlete of the Month: Jess W.

Jess has been with us just over 2 years as one of the original MICF members of the 9:45 “hardcore ladies” class as they are referred to by the other members. Jess has taken her time learning all the moves with impecible form and has even stuck with CrossFit during a serious shoulder injury.

Jess logging her WOD

She talked her husband in to starting CrossFit because she loves it and now he is hooked too!  Jess is able to fight through tough WOD’s knowing when to listen to her limit and when to push it. Jess thank you for commiting to CrossFit, yourself and your community.

Here is what Jess has to say about her own CrossFit experience:

“I started crossfit in January 2011.  I was looking for a way to amp up my exercise routine and kill some time while my daughter, Sadie, was at preschool.  Since I was already at the J, I decided to try crossfit.  I was the only one at my first workout and I could barely walk after, but there was something about it that made me want to come back.  I had always considered myself to be in-shape–until I tried crossfit, that is.  I realized how many muscles were being ignored and decided I was up for the challenge.  I willingly showed up to do exercises I hate (hello burpees) and WODs that looked scary.  But, I did them.  I love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing any WOD, but especially the really hard ones that have me wanting to skip class. I may never be the fastest or be able to lift the most weight, but slow and steady works for me.  I love to see my time improve or notice that I can lift more weight and just the overall feeling of being stronger.  I love that crossfit is individual but you’ve got friends around you to suffer with.  Not sure I would like crossfit as much if it weren’t for working out with great friends and having the coaches there to both push and support you.

Congrats Jess!

February 2 Minute Challenge

MedBall Cleans

Full squat at bottom, fully open hips at top
Watch Demo Video


1 Minute at each station, no rest between stations
3 Rounds

KB step ups #35/26
Thrusters #75/53
Chin ups
Power Snatch #75/53
Double Unders

rest 2:00


Comments: 8

  1. Yay, Jess!!! Well deserved. I’m coming back tomorrow to join my “Hardcore Ladies” for my first WOD back! Can’t wait to see you guys!!

  2. So wish I could have been there with you, Michelle, and the rest of the “hardcore ladies” today. I tweaked my back over the weekend (not even doing crossfit) and haven’t worked out all week…going through some serious withdrawal! I’m hoping to get back in the box next week!

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