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Fitness Revolution Coming Soon

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Monday 9-26-16

Fitness Revolution

Hey guys, I wanted to remind you all about a cool event coming up Oct. 22nd here on Mercer Island. MI CrossFit will be there as well as many others including cooking sessions & healthy meal prep for the holidays!
More info on their Facebook page


Welcome to the FITNESS REVOLUTION – A new one of a kind event showcasing a variety of skill sets to empower you to achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for you and your family. This amazing event will provide you with an opportunity to:
• Engage in a wide range of workouts
• Participate in interactive cooking sessions to learn healthy meal preparation for the holidays, snacking, and daily life
• & Seminars to provide you the tools to be successful in finding that happier and healthier lifestyle;

Back Squats 

5 x 5
Same or heavier than 9-16
~95% of 5 RM or 85% of 1 RM

Fight Gone Bad Style

1 min at each station for max reps
3 Rounds

DB Snatch Right arm 45/30#
Front Rack lunge steps 95/65#
DB Snatch Left Arm 45/30#
Double Unders
Assault Bike (calories)

Corey: Rd 1 – 148, Rd 2 – 144, Rd 3 – 143 = Score 435