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Fitness Revolution

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Friday 9/30/16

Fitness Revolution

Today, after the 5am and before the 6am and at the 9:30,  you will get a chance to meet Vicky and Julie from Evolve Fitness.  They will be giving out some goodies and will tell you a little bit more about this cool event coming up in October that MI CrossFit will be apart of.

Fitness Revolution:  This is a new, one of a kind event showcasing a variety of skill sets to empower you to achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for you and your family. This amazing event will provide you with an opportunity to:
• Engage in a wide range of workouts
• Participate in interactive cooking sessions to learn healthy meal preparation for the holidays, snacking, and daily life
• Engage in discussions such as the latest technology that can help you create accountability to achieve your fitness & nutrition goals

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Fitness Revolution

*Class is going to end 15 minutes early today. Plan your warm up and prep time accordingly!

Warm up & Mobility 


Strength/WOD Prep

10 minutes to build up to a heavy Clean (full)
Heavy is relative base on how you are feeling today.

After 10 minutes, you should be ready to start the WOD (including being set up for DB thrusters & rope climbs)


2 Rope Climb
5 Squat Cleans 155/105#
10 DB Thrusters 30/20#
10/7 Calorie Bike *

(20/16 cal row – use bike if its open)