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Thursday   6/9/16

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Clean & Jerk

take 15:00 to work up to a heavy 1 RM. If you feel good, go for a PR, or just work up to something that is “heavy” for today.

partner vs partner challenge WOD

This is a head to head challenge against your partner. P1 works, while P2 rests, then switch, the goal is to get more reps than your partner.

Max reps in 30 seconds for each partner, for 6 minutes ( 6 rounds each)

Clean & Jerk 95/65#
Bike for Calories
rest 2:00
Clean & Jerk 135/95#
Bike for Calories

choose a partner that can use the same weight as you. If that is not an option, use two bars but try to use approximately the same percentage of 1 rep max.

Sub row for bike if needed.