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Fran – Anyway

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Friday 10/14/16

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

– Winston Churchill

Skill Day

EMOM x 16:00 ( 4x)

minute 1 – 10 Hand Stand Push Ups
minute 2 – 4 Ring Muscle Ups
minute 3 – 12 Toes to Bar
minute 4 – 30 Double Unders

12 Box Push ups  or 12 Seated DB Press
6 strict pull ups + 6 ring dips
15 V-ups
20 DU attempts

Programming Note:
So, first, yes we are doing thrusters twice this week.
Now, on to the WOD info…
We have not seen Fran in a while and we’ve never seen her like this before.
You choose the reps, this takes an already fast WOD and gives you the potential to make it even faster.
You should not have ANY rest time in this WOD. If you drop the bar, start immediatly on pull ups. As soon as you can not do more pull ups, grab the barbell.
See how much you can beat your best Fran time.

Fran anyway

45 Thrusters 95/65#
45 Pull ups

partition reps as you see fit

Scaled WOD 
30 Thrusters 65/45#
30 perfect ring rows

partition reps as you see fit