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Friday 8/12/16

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Game Day Friday
“Coach says”

Set up:
Set out a row of cones. Partner up and squat about an arms length away from the cone on opposite side as your opponent.
How to play: From the bottom of a squat, follow the coaches instructions…
“Touch your ears, touch your shins … touch your head…  stand up…  squat down… burpees…. CONE! When the coach yells “cone”, grab the cone. The person who doesnt grab the cone must do the penalty.
Ex: 10 air squats, or 10 push ups, or 5 burpees… etc.

Strict Press

use 75-80% of 1 RM

Programming Note:
This is a pretty short WOD, but heavier than usual thruster. The combo of thrusters and wallballs leaves your legs and shoulders begging for a break. Try not to give in and rest too long. Note the WOD starts and ENDs on thrusters.


12 Thrusters 115/75#
6 Wallballs 20/14#
10 thrusters
12 Wallballs
8 Thrusters
18 Wallballs
6 Thrusters
24 Wallballs
4 Thrusters
30 Wallballs
2 Thrusters

Coach Corey – 9:19RX