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Friday 7/23

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CrossFit Watertown posted a great article called “10 Ways to be a Better CrossFitter”. 
The author puts up a disclaimer, this list was written to himself, dont take it personally. I will agree and say, while I love all 10 of these and totally understand where he is coming from on them, I think some of these dont quite apply to our Box. But they are a great read none the less, enjoy!
10. Hold the bar straight.

9. Pay attention to your breathing.

8. Use less chalk. Really.
7. Read the CrossFit Journal articles and watch the videos. What’s this going to take? Like 15 min a day? Worth the time and worth the $25 per year. Stop whining and commit.

6. Stop whining and commit. Yeah, that was so good and simple, it needed to be said again and for like all of life.

Read the rest straight from the source: CrossFit Watertown
oh, by the way… this is why you should hold the bar straight!!
(thats me, dont worry, Im ok!)

5 rounds for time:
10 Cleans #135/95
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats

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