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Friday 7/30

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Main Entry: com·mu·ni·ty
Pronunciation: kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē
Function: noun

A : a unified body of individuals. B : the people with common interests living in a particular area; C : an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location; D : a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.

CrossFit Mercer Island is a unified body of individuals; with common interests (health, fitness, hard work), living and working towards a common goal (to be stronger, faster, and healthier) , interacting population of various kinds of individuals coming together in a common loaction, (meeting several times a week to workout together) within a larger socitey….

Thanks for being part of the Mercer Island CrossFit community!

Squats 3 x 5 (70%)

 Partner WOD:
with a team of two complete

50 Ground to Overhead any way possible (#115/75)*
50 Pull ups

Each time you stop, your team must do 3 burpees, to be done at the end of the WOD!
*scale weight to ability
Have a great WOD & Weekend!!

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