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Good-bye Coach Corey

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Thursday 2/14

See you in 3 months!

Coach Corey & Coach Scott (StoneWay CrossFit) at the CrossFit Games


As most of you know Coach Corey will be starting work with the Seattle Fire Department this week. For the next 3 months he will be in Fire Academy/Drill School and therefore will be on hiatus from MICF. In the interim Coach Jared and Coach Tali have taken over most of the classes, Jared in the mornings and daytime & Tali on evenings and weekends. I (Allison) will be handling all the business needs as well as continuing with the Kids Program. If you all have any business or account issues please contact me from here on out.

Thanks for the fun times Corey & Good Luck!


Front Squat

Spend 10 min working on form, add light weight as able


Pick from M/T/W

or, if you have been all 3 days

Recovery Row

15-20 min at 60-70% max effort

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