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Increased Work Capacity

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Work capacity has two components: work and time.

This is real work as measured by the accomplishment of some observable task. But fitness is not just about work per se. Increased fitness means having the ability both to get more work done in less time and to sustain high levels of work output for longer periods of time.

In “Fran,” the task is to complete three rounds of thrusters and pull-ups as fast as possible. As the time it takes you to complete that work decreases, you are becoming inarguably fitter (at least for that task). In a real-world scenario such as filling and moving sandbags to a levee in a flood, you are fitter when you can move the same number of sandbags in a shorter time (or more bags in the same or shorter time), period. Fitness, in this case, is simply the capacity to move more sandbags faster.
Increased Work Capacity Across Broad Time and Modal Domains
Broad time domains: the ability to do work at a high rate of output (power) across any time frame. Literally. High power output short. High power output medium. Moderate to high power output long. What we are after here is the ability to work efficiently and powerfully for whatever duration we are required to do it.
Broad modal domains: the ability to do work at a high rate of output (power) no matter the task. Moving you own bodyweight (gymnastics). Monostructual (running, rowing, swimming, jump rope). Pushing, pulling, pressing, lifting, throwing external load (weightlifting). We want the ability to move significant external load powerfully and efficiently.

Increased work capacity: being able to do more work in less time. Power = force x distance / time. The more you can get FITTER you are

Friday 1/8/10
Workout of the Day (WOD)

50′ walkin lunges
10 Front Squats
10 sumo deadlift high pull
5 Rounds – For time!

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