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Isabel WOD

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Monday 1-12-15

Congrats on 5 years MICF…

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the WOD and/or the birthday party. We had EVERY Mercer Island CrossFit member show up, so things got a little crowded….

Happy B-day MIC
Happy B-day MIC

Ok, so, not every member was there, but it sure did feel that way! We did have the biggest and most awesome workout of the day and we followed it up with a great social/potluck at the Martin’s house. (We even had a little paleo tequila thanks to L.T!)

MICF 2015
MICF 2015

Thank you all, sincerly, for an amazing five years. I can not wait to see where we are in another five!

Today is all about scaling.

Isabel is a bench mark workout and is designed for the most advanced athlete. Many of us, if not most, are not there yet….

So, for today, what I want to see is people challenging themselves at whatever point they might be.



10 minutes

1 rep, Full Snatch, start at 50%, add 5% every minute

Focus: this is ALL about technique. Please take time to work on your speed under the bar, depth and range of motion.

Secondarily, now that the technique work is done, I would like to see you get heavy.


Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

Snatch or Power Snatch 1 rep, get as heavy as possible

Programming Note:

This WOD is designed to be done in ten minutes or less. If you can not complete 30 reps in 10 minutes please scale the weight. This workout should be done as fast as possible. You may choose to power snatch, full snatch, muscle snatch or anything else. Make sure the rep counts with your coach…. complete 30 reps, as fast as possible.


30 Snatch 135/95#

for time

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