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Listening to Your Body

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Monday 10-3-16



Listen to your body: What does this actually mean?

I was reminded of this the other day when I  made do with a meager five hours of sleep.

While I may have ‘gotten things done’ the next day, my body was definitely talking to me.

I was a less energetic, had a less brain power and my workout felt very sluggish. I just wasn’t ‘me.’

Has that ever happened to you?

Maybe not with sleep—but perhaps something else:

It could be hitting it too hard in the gym or pounding the pavement with increased mileage and intensity a few too many days in a row.

Feeling hungry and energy-depleted from being too busy to properly fuel yourself.

Experiencing stomach discomfort, headaches, bloating or other side effects, but ignoring the culprits in your diet that caused it.

Having an injury, but ignoring it – aside from dosing up on some ibuprofen to ‘keep going.’

Take a moment to reflect: What has your body been saying to you lately?

Can’t think of anything?

Here are a few things to prompt your memory:

Lack of sleep/poor quality of sleep

Poor Digestion


Read on: HERE. Source: Box Life


Post WOD
Cash Out

400m row immediately in to a 400m run

for time

Programming Note:
Today is a strength focused day. The WOD is not for time. Focus on going heavy, but with good form. Take time between sets so you are fully recovered and then get as heavy as you can. Record heaviest load.

The Bear Complex

Power clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Press

That = 1 rep, complete 5 reps without setting down the bar = 1 set

rest as long as needed

complete 5 sets
note: you may also squat clean in to a thruster