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Monday 3/22

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Looks like a great place for a bike ride!!
Exercise variety may be the key to sticking to your workout regime. A study by the University of Florida at Gainesville found that doing the same form of exercise repetitiously increases your chances of giving up, but motivation may grow with exercise variety.
Blame it on sheer boredom: “It gets monotonous if you’re doing the same thing over and over,” says researcher and assistant professor at the department of exercise and sport sciences, Christopher Janelle.
Janelle says adding some variety to your exercise program will keep you motivated: “If you vary the routine, there’s a significant increase in enjoyment that leads to greater adherence.”
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By: Jennifer R Scott
Monday 3/22
8 Rounds:
 Ride .4 miles then sprint for .1 mile
16 1 arm DB snatches (8 each arm, #35/25)
= 1 round
Rest 0:45 between Rounds

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