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Monday 5/31

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First off, BIG congrats to Ray, completing Eva with 15 unbroken pull ups all 5 rounds!! That’s 75 unassisted pull ups – Awesome!

Source: NY Times
In January, there were studies showing that samples of the sweetener contained the toxic metal mercury. Then came a popular Facebook page that was critical of the syrup. By year-end, there were about a dozen spoofs on YouTube mocking efforts by makers of high-fructose corn syrup to show that science is on their side.
Sugar, especially when use in any amount more than sparingly, is being proven to be extremely detrimental to the body. However, HFCS, High- Fructose Corn Syrup is without a doubt even worse. Read the NY times article to see whats up!


50 Double Unders (150 regular skips)
30 Bicycles (touch both knees for 1 rep)
15 DB push press/jerk (30/15)
15 DB front squats (30/15)
10 pull ups (20 jumping)

5 Rounds


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