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Monday 8/30

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Reminder: Next Monday 9/6 the JCC closes at early, so come in to the 6am or 11am, there is no 5pm class!

Plank challenge, max hold plank position

Mid-workout, I often ask myself, “Jeezus, what am I doing here?” The answer usually is muffled by someone telling me to stop stalling and get moving because “that squat ain’t gonna do itself!” Like I need THAT reminder. I’ve been at this fairly seriously for about 6 months. I walk away everyday looking like, at worst, I lost a a fight to a semi, or at best, an angry scrappy dog.

Read the whole post here, its great!

By: Quinn
Courtesy: CFFM

Skill – 5 minutes
Strength – 10 minutes
As Many Reps as Possible in 1:30
Thrusters #95/65
rest 1:30
4 Rounds
goal is not to drop more than 3 reps!
post reps per round and total reps

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