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Nutrition and Parenting

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In an order to get more content out to everyone I am going to be writing and posting articles on the blog about nutrition. Tips, facts, articles I find interesting and you can read it or not.  But I prefer if you read it and use the knowledge to help your life. My goal is no equip people with proper nutrition tips to help them live their best and healthiest life. Working out is great and necessary, so is community and fresh air, but most people don’t realize how necessary proper nutrition is either. It’s hard, we get it. But, you have to make about 100 choices for food in a day. Eat this. Don’t eat this. If you DO eat this, you are making a bad choice and will regret it. Let’s just stop. Eat real food, whole foods. Make better food decisions and indulge every once in a while.

I’ve always heard to write what you know so that’s what I plan to do here. Right now what I know is eating for hiking and mountaineering and feeding children all while also about to start a kitchen renovation. What am I thinking? I’m thinking, why not get it all over with at once, prove I can do this and document the process along the way. We will see.

Check back here for nutrition tips, articles and real life scenarios of trying to make good decisions for myself and my family.