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Olympic Lifting, Team WOD & Kids

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Saturday 2/16

Olympic Lifting


Lorie working on her split Jerk

Take 15 min to build to a heavy Clean

AMRAP 12 minutes

Power Clean Ladder

1-5 reps with 75%of 1RM

* Do 1 Power Clean, drop the barbell and rest as needed; then do 2 Power Cleans (touch and go), drop the bar and rest as needed; then do 3, etc…up to 5 and then start again with 1.

*If you drop the barbell before you achieve the designated number of reps in that set, you must begin that set over



100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups

100 air squats

* you must complete all of one movement before beginning the next

Team WOD


Good teamwork on the parter med ball sit ups

“Pet Rock”

Each team must find a piece of equiment in the gym as their “pet” for the duration of the workout (KB, med ball, plate etc.-PVC pipes and jump ropes do not count)

*teams of 2 complete:

100 F. Squat #115/93

100 ring dips

100 mountain climbers (both sides=1 rep)

100 Double Unders/500 single skips

* If you set your pet down at any point during the WOD, your penalty for neglect is 15 burpees each time you set it down, at the end of the WOD


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