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Paleo Dinner Night

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Friday 10/7/16

Paleo Meal Night

Our community event of the month is a cooking class & dinner with Chef Gil of

As a group, we will decide on a meal from the list and cook it together then enjoy a good & healthy Paleo dinner together.


Private lessons are a great way to take your cooking skills to the next level. The lessons are typically done in your own kitchen to provide a realistic setting for what you are able to cook at home. We make it easy by providing all of the ingredients and necessary equipment.

When: Saturday Oct 22nd  3-7pm
Where: someones kitchen (who wants to host?!)
Cost: $50/ea if we get 10 people
(not bad for dinner and a night out)
Open to up to 10, so RSVP on the event page if you are interested.
More info Facebook HERE

Skill / Shoulder Stability Work

3 Rounds, for quality
(about 10:00)

10-12  Band Pull-a-parts
10-12 Bent over lateral shoulder raise 5-20#
8-10 anterior shoulder raise 5-20#

then 10:00
build up in weight on the Clean & Jerk


1-2-3… 8-9-10
Clean & Jerk 135/95#
1 Round of Cindy after each set

1 C& J
1 round of Cindy
2 C& J
1 round of Cindy
3 C & J
1 Round cindy… etc
10 C & J
1 Round Cindy

Cindy =
5 Pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

Compare to 9-15-14

  .            ……..    Results 9-15-14