Success Stories


Our community members inspire us daily. We’re excited to share their stories with you and can’t wait to be a part of your own fitness story!

  • Marv N.

    Marv has been with us for just 1 year and has already made quite the impression in the 6am class. Marv jumped right in with the veterans and hasn’t looked back. Whoever says they are too old for CrossFit is full of it, because Marv is one of our oldest clients and gives every workout everything he has, and all without a stomach.

    A few months ago Marv had to take a few months off to have surgery to remove his stomach due to a cancerous tumor. As soon as he was cleared to workout Marv was walking on the treadmill and dropping by to visit the early morning classes. He was itching to get back to CrossFit. He came back in and scaled until the doctor said he could return to his normal routine. Marv has been able to return to his old workout routine which includes running, cycling and now CrossFit. Marv is such an inspiration to the rest of the classes, his passion and effort are amazing, to say the least. He pushes the others in the class with him and encourages them as they “suffer” side by side.

    Here is what Marv has to say about his experience:

    “After watching my friend Ray Benitez improve his strength and cardio over the last several years, I thought it would help cycling and running.  Ray convinced me to give it a go.  I have been doing CrossFit twice a week for the last five months. My cycling and running have improved without sustaining major injuries. At my age, I tend to lose fitness faster and take longer get it back after a layoff.  I can’t stop now.  I love it.

  • Guy B.

    Guy is a long-time member of the 6am crew and can move some serious weight around! Other than being a total workhorse, he doesn’t mind losing a second or two during the workout to deliver a quick joke to break the pain and suffering of a killer CrossFit WOD.

    Guy use to live in Hawaii and not long after he started at MCF he told me how he survives all the rowing we do. “I just close my eyes and remember rowing my kayak through the surf in Hawaii with the warm sun and the wind at my back.” Rowing doesn’t sound so bad now huh… so if you ever see guy rowing right beside the fan… you know why he is really there!

    Here is what Guy had to say about his experience:

    “I started CrossFit in January 2012 after making a decision that as I entered my 40′s it is time to spend time and effort on my body, my form and my wellness.

    I did some research and found that CrossFit might be the right fit as it is intense, there is a coach for extra motivation, a group for a bit of competition and has good flexibility with days & times. I went for a sneak peak and coach Corey was very welcoming  and took the time to introduce me to the concept of CrossFit.

    I would rank my decision as one of the best I have made! Going 2-3 times a week has totally changed my physics. My body has totally transformed with muscle groups dormant for years being active again. I am stronger, I feel better, and while waking up at 5:15am for a CrossFit workout is not the most attractive idea, nothing compares to the starting your day after a good workout in the box, especially if no burpees are involved.

    As an added bonus, the coaches are great people and the other athletes are a motivated fun group creating a sense of community. When the box needed some hands for the recent upgrades, it was so natural to go and assist and show some gratitude to Corey & Allison and for the positive influence CrossFit had on me.”

  • John C.

    John has only been with us a short time. However, in that time he has immersed himself into the Mercer Island CrossFit family, set goals, crushed them and is even giving Paleo a try–despite being in the middle of a pizza tasting contest at work!

    John has a positive attitude about most workouts and always has a quick tip for the coaches and an encouraging word for his fellow athletes. John comes early to work on mobility and seeks out new ways to better his lifts, double-unders and skill movements. John is constantly working on himself, not only to be better at CrossFit but to heal and restore his body after he beats it up. He always has a big smile on his face and joke, even at 7am.  John never complains about a WOD, he reads the board and just smiles. After the WOD  he smiles again, takes a sip of his water and says “yep, that was hard.”  Yes, it was, and thanks for making it look so easy.

    Here is what John says about his experience:

    “I was on the brink of a life-changing event when I decide to make a lifestyle-changing decision. I started CrossFit the day after our baby was due and I think I freaked Corey out a little when I told him I might not show for the next class or two, depending on when my baby came. The baby held off until after I completed the 4 basics classes then it was full speed ahead – for both parenting and CrossFit.

    I had always tried to be self-driven with exercise, but without self-accountability it was inconsistent. I also fear for injury when doing self-supervised workouts. I didn’t see that getting better with a newborn. I asked my brother-in-law about CrossFit and fatherhood and he strongly recommended some sort of exercise to help. Because of my time at MICF the transition has been better – I sleep better (though maybe not as much), I have more energy, and I am able to focus better at work. Both my coworkers and basketball buddies all commented that I gained energy and coped remarkably well with the change (I haven’t told the basketball group my secret; I like the advantage).

    MICF has been great because all the coaches have pushed me to go harder while recognizing my limits (that darned curved back on deadlifts!). The accountability and varied workouts are enjoyable and I make sure to carve out the time to get workouts in. I have appreciated getting to know the other athletes whether it was Harvey and I pushing each other farther that either of us probably wanted to go on a Team WOD, talking with Kristi about her upcoming baby, Jeff giving me an old jump rope (and by extension double-unders) or the current Paleo challenge. The environment at MICF is unlike what I’ve experienced at a gym before – welcoming, and competitive without ego.

    I have seen tangible improvements in my relatively short time and while I might not be Rx-ing every workout yet, I still have goals along the way to keep me going. I would not have imagined that I’d be doing hand-stand push-ups, discussing broad jump burpees with co-workers, looking forward to beating my 2-minute challenge scores, or finishing Murph in one piece. But I have. And I look forward to more.”


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