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new shirts design time

T-Shirt Design

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Thursday 10/13/16

Help Layout New Shirts

We are in the process of creating and designing new MI CrossFit t-shirts and tanks (I finally learned you gals dont like tees) and need some help with the design layout.

If you work with the programs that can help us conceptualizes our ideas, let me know! We need help getting our ideas laid out for print.

Endurance Day

Today we are going to go longer than normal. For some of you, this is perfect and  you will love it. If not, and you hate to see these kind of WODs, all the more reason you should not miss today!

2k Row
for time

This does not have to be your lifetime PR fastest row. If you feel good, go hard, even set a new PR.
If not, go hard but not all out, keep the pace at 80-85% and work on consistency and mechanics.

The WOD is also higher reps  and bigger sets than normal. Try to think about breaking it in to manageable sets and reps and really work on quick transitions, not resting a long time between movements.



Box Jumps 24/20″
Push Press/Push Jerk 95/65#
Front Squats 95/65#

Scaled WOD 

Box Jumps or step ups 20/16″
Push Press 65/45#
Front Squat 65/45#