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Taking Carbohydrates in Context

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Wednesday 6/1/16

Saturdays Class
Saturdays Class

Taking Carbohydrates in Context

People are left confused and overwhelmed when it comes to what to put in their mouths and when. Here, we separate the information from the misinformation about carbs.

By The Box

Over the last three decades, in an attempt to make Americans and their diets healthier, nutrition experts have drifted more and more toward recommending eating less fat.

And yet, after all those years, we’re fatter — and sicker — than ever. In fact, faced with a growing population of obese and metabolically damaged people, it’s hard not to argue that this approach has actually made things worse. How can that be?

You can almost certainly blame carbohydrates — particularly sugar. One of the three macronutrients (protein and fat are the other two), carbs are the easiest source of energy for the body, and in fact, glucose, one of the simplest of all carbs, is what the brain preferentially uses to fuel itself.

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To be done during your rest period
3-4 Rounds

10 -12 Barbell Bent over Row 95/65#
8-12 Chin Ups
12 Weighted Lunges 45#DBs
6 – 1 Leg Deadlifts /leg, 35/20#
6-10 Push Press – med/heavy

2000m Row
Rest 8-10 minutes

1000m Row
Rest 4-5 minutes

500m Row

All sets to be done max effort.

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