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Thursday 1/09/20

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5min to build to a heavy Power Snatch that you feel comfortable using for the EMOM.

EMOM 10min
Perform 1 “heavy” Power Snatch



Partner style
Teams of 2
Alternate completing FULL rounds
Rounds increase by 1 Power Snatch
Partners DO NOT have to share the same bar! (Use the weight that is right for you!)

Round 1:
150m Run (hopefully in the snow)
1 power snatch 95/65

Round 2:
150m Run
2 power snatch 95/65

Round 3:
150m Run
3 power snatch 95/65

Etc…. until 20 minutes runs out!

(The weight for this workout should be moderate; NOT heavy! – AKA a weight that you can move well with a high heart rate for a long duration).

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