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Sara at the old box

Thursday #2479

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Thursday 12/1/16

“If we come to the gym to train and practice, we are halfway there. The second half is understanding the relationship between training and practice, and recognizing that as we age, we need less training, and more practice. More time on skills, mobility, and positional work. When we combine quality practice with focused training, we produce the response we need for adaptation – we become a better athlete.”

— Ben Bergeron

Sara at the old box

Cash out:
4×50′ sled push sprints. 180/110#



8 Power Cleans 185/125#
8 Deadlifts 185/125#
8 Toes to bar


6 Power Cleans 95/65#
6 Deadlifts 95/65#
8 V-ups ( or Knees to chest)