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Tuesday 1/14/20

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EMOM 12 min (3 Rounds)

1):45sec of Tempo overhead squat (1-3-2-1) using very light weight (even a PVC) for quality

2):45sec of double under practice (even if you have “mastered” this movement – there is always something to improve on)

3):30-45sec of handstand hold (or a variation) or for athletes working towards handstand walks use this time for HS Walk drills that coach will give you.

4):45sec of leg wrap “J Hook” practice on the low ropes with butt on box. No rope climbing today JUST leg wrap practice!!!


2 sets of:

3 Box Jump Overs (or step over) 24/20”
6 Deadlifts 205/155# (Modify as needed if you’re ‘too’ sore from CF Total)
9 Strict Push – Ups

Rest 2 min between sets

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