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Valentine's 5K

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Tuesday 1/29

Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em 5K Dash

Who’s ready to take on a 5k…
maybe is your first ever or maybe this is just a fun easy distance for you, but either way, Im challenging you to do it!

Gather your loved one’s and  lets celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little 5k fun run around Greenlake in Seattle! It is open for kids and adults, so bring the whole family. Register here and sign up on the whiteboard at the box. Check out their website for more information. You may register as a single or as a 2 person team. Oh, and there is a costume contest!

If you have never done a 5k its time to take on the challenge. Even if we just consider this a “baseline”, I would love to see some people get out of their comfort zone and do something they never have. Then, in a few months, we can try a different 5k and compare your times and measure how CrossFit is helping you improve!

set 1: PVC
set 2: empty bar
set 3-5: Medium weigth

Front Squat
4 sets 5 reps


150 Wall balls #20/14


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