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Wednesday 7/21

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When your questioned about where you workout at, what do you say to explain CrossFit? Try some of these the next time someone asks:
-I train in a box. It has walls…sometimes. Sometimes we go outside. Sometimes we meet elsewhere. Its not the location I value, its the people.
-I train under expectations. Expectations to be better than yesterday.
the 4pm crew Doin’ Work!

-I train where Im valued and truly appreciate for showing up and putting forth true, real, demanding effort.

-I train where everyone applauds when I do well, and I applaud for them.
-I train to be better at life. The unknown and unknowable. To one day be able to help someone less fortunate than I. To be able to be moving on my own when I’m old and gray, not being moved.
-I train in a place where I want to be, not a place I feel I have to be.

Thanks to Practice CrossFit for the inspirational words.
5 rounds
#45/25 barbell walking lunges – 25 steps (total)
15 burpees
15 pull ups


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