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What is CrossFit?
part 1

A great place to start is the beginning. At the absolute basis, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program, period.

How we do that is a bit more in-depth. CrossFit is a specifically designed program based on Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at High Intensity.


Allow me to elaborate.

Constantly Varied – we do not “work chest and tri’s” on M/W/F and “back and bi’s” on T/Th. We program design to work all major muscle groups on a regular basis. Routine is the enemy, therefore, our workouts are constantly varied, just like life.

Functional Movements – these are universal, meaning everyone must do them. They are also natural… children have amazing form when lifting and squatting even though no one showed them how to do it. These movements allow you to function on a daily and hourly basis.

High Intensity – Intensity is all about hard and fast. How hard and how fast depends on your fitness level. What is great about the program is that ALL workouts are scaled to your level of intensity. CrossFit is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. Intensity is “where the good stuff happens!”

For more information on CrossFit and what it is… and why, check out the links below.

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-Coach Corey

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